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DeLuxe Cleaners

You’ve invested so much in your wardrobe; trust us to handle your clothes with exceptional care. Everything from couture to shirt laundry goes through a 10-point inspection process to ensure the best results!

Pickup and Delivery

DeLuxe Cleaners

Avoid the hassle and simplify your life! DeLuxe Cleaners offers FREE dry cleaning pickup and delivery services. Sign up today and start enjoying the convenience of one less errand.


DeLuxe Cleaners

If disaster strikes, trust DeLuxe Cleaners to restore any damaged clothing and textiles. We deliver peace of mind by restoring what’s important to you!

Jacksonville’s Oldest and Largest Dry Cleaners

We know the importance of community. With six neighborhood stores, we make sure to provide the Jacksonville community with quality services that exceed expectations and offer exceptional care for all your dry cleaning needs!

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DeLuxe Cleaners

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