How to Make your Table Linens Last Longer

Linen Treatments

What is Linen Treatment?

Linen treatment is how we process a table linen and or bed linens. Linen is a fabric which needs exceptional care while washing or ironing. It is better to give your linen clothing complete dry cleaning to extend their life and keep them intact like new. Choose DeLuxe Cleaners based in Jacksonville, FL for your linen cleaning services in Northeast Florida.

What Qualifies For Linen Treatment?

Confused about what qualifies for linen treatment? Our experts will inspect your linens using top notch equipment, and let you know if it requires linen treatment.

Why Take Your Linens To DeLuxe Cleaners?

We have state of the art wash programs specific to these types of fabrics. Proper agitation, water temperature, pre-wash, and the right amount of soap or starch and antibacterial agents are automatically injected at the right time to ensure pristine cleaning. We are also equipped with finishing equipment for various types of pressing / finishing. We can use our laundry hot head presses, or a 60 inch flat iron machine with auto delivery for the larger industrial account.